How to Get the Gift of Gab

The Blarney Legend

According to legend, all it takes to become an eloquent speaker and get the “gift of gab” is to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle in Ireland. Naturally, Blarney Castle was on my must-visit list during my 2006 trip to the Emerald Isle. And what I learned at Blarney Castle is a cautionary tale about becoming a better speaker: it takes work.

Before I went, I thought that kissing the Blarney Stone would be a simple matter of walking up to a rock and giving it a wet one. Alas, no. While they no longer hold you upside down by your ankles (yes, they really did that!), you still have to do a nice backbend to kiss the stone. AND, there’s a process before you get there.

The reality: my backbend at Blarney, 2006.

You have to walk up a long, long, long flight of stairs (did I mention that it’s long?). Those steep, narrow stairs were obviously designed for visitors a lot shorter and probably thinner than today’s average person.

Was it worth it? Sure, but it still required effort on my part. The same is true with your presentation skills. You can get the gift of gab if you’re willing to put in a little effort and follow a process. Even those among us with “natural” skills, are better with practice. Happy gabbing!

Scaling the Steep Steps

Want concrete tips on how to improve your presentation skills and get the “gift of gab?” Check out these free articles:

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